The Ultimate Trampoline Springs

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The second most important performance factor for a trampoline is the springs. Rebound springs are probably the best made today anywhere in the world.

Many, many hours of design and research, meticulous attention to detail and prototype tests have resulted in top quality spring, many of the benefits cannot be seen with the naked eye.

One design point has safety in mind, the hooks are squeezed to move the shard end of the wire inward in case you fall through the springs. Another is the tapered ends which makes the hooks stronger and mitigates the ends of the springs stetching out under high speed loading when a performer lands near the springs. Expect these springs to outlast any you have used before by a long way! Now held in stock in the UK for immediate delivery

Used at the 1996 & 2007 World Championships they proved to be the best lasting springs ever supplied to a World Trampoline Championships.



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