The Dave Ross String Bed

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The most important part of a trampoline affecting its performance is the bed. With over 35 years of research and testing, Olympic Coach, Dave Ross has engineered the stable and powerful bounce your performers deserve.


The Dave Ross String Bed will reduce how much money you invest in your trampolines as they last up to 6 times longer than web beds.

Remaining stable and powerful throughout their entire life, gone will be the days where a web bed stitching wears and deteriorates performance, these beds have no stitching. You owe it to yourself to learn what can be accomplished on one.

Ideal for lower levels of the sports as well as disability trampolining, the beds are more comfortable for body landings and combined with our springs offer incredible durability and performance.

We stock the 7 x 14 string beds to fit Eurotramp frames, sized for 118 springs,m these are usually shipped within 7 days from our facility in the UK. We can ship to anywhere in Europe. We can also supply on order the same beds to fit Nissen frames using 112 springs.


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