Top Trampoline Socks

Top Trampoline Socks deliver comfortable coverage with soft, blended fabric and arch support for secure fit. We provide a thick padded area covering the ball and heel of the foot providing protection and comfort for aspiring athletes.

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£7.50 per pair
£20.00 per 3 pairs

Top Socks are a hybrid between the comfortable sock and the protective shoe. A decision was always made between these two products however a third option is now available. Combining the protection of a Trampoline shoe with the flexibility and comfort of socks, we present Top Trampoline Socks.

A comfortable way to jump with reduced impact and strain on the feet. Trials have been run with high class competitors, and they have found that these last longer and their feet are more comfortable after a hard training session. Up to 6 months in one pair on a national performer.

If you or your child aspires to be the best and is beginning to train long hours, if you just want a pair of socks that will last more than two weeks, Top Socks are the pair for you.

For enquiries about club orders or samples of the socks, you can find us at your next trampoline competition or email at:

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