Starting Again

Over the past 2 years, Klubb has been the effort to create amazing club clothing whilst still providing a quick service and amazing customer care. Recently we took a step back to assess how to make things better, quicker and even simpler. What is the quickest route from being interested and dropping us an email to having your clothing up, ready for ordering.

We are coming back with a larger passion than ever about your clothing.

We believe that clothing can be a massive contributor to your club and community and that is why we want to help. Too many times do we see clothing that is sub-par, badly produced or even worse, badly designed. Ultimately clothing is an extension of your club/ brand and shouldn't be taken lightly by yourself or any of your club members.

We look to America where there is such a sense of community and pride surrounding their sports at every level. Young athletes and sport enthusiasts wear their club logos, club apparel or club equipment with pride and joy, representing them to the highest level everywhere that they go. Colleges (UK university equivalents) actively promote all of their sports teams through their apparel and you cannot walk around an american campus without seeing someone wearing their favourite college sport logo. The sense of community, passion and excitement around their sports program is something to marvel and something that we want to bring a small piece of to the UK. We believe it all starts with clothing, if the clothing is interesting, if it looks good, if its good quality, if it creates a sense of community, if it represents something larger than the individual then the clothing isn't just clothing. Your team or your logo becomes synonymous with that community, with that idea, with that sense of pride and that is what we believe in.

This isn't just putting a logo on a T-shirt, this helping you create your community. This is helping you help an individual feel part of a sport larger than them self and if we can do that whilst making your clothing something cool to wear then we have done exactly what we have set out to do.

In conclusion, where we wanted to make this process simpler and stepped back to look at the bigger picture, we realised that clothing meant more than just your logo. We have gotten better because we now understand what this means and we now aim to bring this passion to every club and member alike.